Gourmet Garlic Varities

Hardnecks are so-called because of the long flowering stem growing through the center of the bulb. They are favored by chefs for having outstanding flavor and easy to peel cloves. 

One of the most popular hardnecks. Full and rich with medium heat. Spicy raw but mellows to a balanced garlicky flavor when cooked.

German White
Has a bit of heat, not too hot with a strong robust flavor. Great for roasting, stores well.

Italian Red
Mild flavor but richly complex. Good for eating either raw or uncooked. Due to high sugar content, it caramelizes well.

Russian Red
The raw flavor is intense and big up front. The heat is long lasting like a pepper. The aftertaste is pleasant and non-sulfurous. Many claim it to be the perfect garlic flavor.

Spanish Roja
Good enough to eat raw! When roasted it is mild and sweet with a little aroma and perfect texture. A favorite for garlic connoisseurs and chefs.

German Giant
This garlic is a bit milder and earthier in flavor, it works well in any dish. Has an exceptionally great garlic taste.

German Red
Adds deep aromatic flavor to stews, roasts, wild game, and winter vegetables. Complex and unique flavor that stands out in a dish but not overwhelming.


The best place to store garlic is in a dry, warmish environment. Never put dry garlic in the fridge as it is cold and damp. This will cause it to behave as if in the ground and start to shoot. The exception is green or wet garlic which may have been harvested slightly early to give a fresh zingy flavor. This should be eaten within one or two weeks and hence storing in the fridge will keep that freshness a little longer.